Professional audio editing

Audiobook, Voiceover, Podcast production services

There's more to high-quality audio than just good recording equipment. And there's more to post-production than just mixing and mastering.

A professional editor will boost your project growth by enhancing your listener's experience while making your life easier.

Improve your recordings

with a dedicated audio engineer by your side

Trusted by creators all over the world

The process


Merging tracks into a single mix. Getting rid of any interruptions, dead air, or extraneous sounds.

Noise Reduction

Reducing background and white noise, mouth clicks, room tone, and echo.


Complete manual overview of the material. Off-air moments, stutters, filler words, and re-takes removal.


Equalization and tone-shaping, multiband and general compression.


Loudness adjustments to meet industry standards.

ID3 Tagging

Artwork and metadata integration.

The approach to every project is unique.

No copy and paste, no presets or general pre-made templates

Every production circle is developed in accordance

to expertise, audio specifics, and your goals.

Here, take a glimpse:


Narrowing the levels, getting rid of sharp frequencies, reducing room tone, plosives, and of-course, getting rid of filler words. All that makes a smooth, captivating flow of a conversation.


Reducing reverb and background noise, equalization and tone balancing, getting rid of mouth clicks - all ensure the message is clear, pleasing and safe to listen on any device.


Extremely harsh high-frequencies require harsh measurements, including heavy surgical EQ, but ensures the listener can clearly hear the speech and can listen to it for extended periods of time.


Sometimes, less - is more. High quality recording requires a careful approach, to amplify the narrator's voice and balance the dynamics, while keeping it within industry requirements frames.



Starting at 40$ per finished hour

Get your story out there and bring it to life.


Starting at 20$ per episode

Make your flow smooth and your audience captivated.


Starting at 5$ per finished minute

Let your brand's voice stand out, get attention and inspire action.

Denys Rykov

Denys Rykov

Audio Producer and Editor

I am an audio engineer and producer from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

With more than 8 years of expirience in the audio production world, I am on a journey to create great products, form meaningful bonds, and help creators bring their recordings to life in a best way possible.

"Denys does a great job providing a quick turnaround podcast edit. Very easy to work with."

"Denys was patient, encouraging, and even willing to work with me after the contract to make sure my audio was accepted by acx! The quality and speed of his work is very impressive. Last, his flexibility when I had to extend deadlines for life events was so incredibly appreciated. This first time author will definitely be using him again!"

"Hired Denys to edit an episode of my podcast. I was absolutely thrilled with their work. I previously edited the podcast myself but now I see where hiring a professional can really help improve the show! I'd highly recommend Denys if you need your podcast editing."

"Excellent - long term reliable contractor for our podcast. Will be working together in future."